Focus On Owning A 100ft (30m) Yacht

Buying, Owning & Operating - Your Questions Answered

Below we have identified some of the best yachts for sale currently on the market in this size category.  Simply click the button to receive a detailed brochure with full specification and photography

Majesty 105 - $5,500,000

This Majesty 105 has the potential to cover all her operating costs. We really like the huge interior volume and incredible swim platform that can be positioned at any height and easily launches the tender.

Azimut 98 - $2,315,000

These 98s offer a huge main salon and fully openable windows on the main deck. The small flybridge gives an ideal mix of sports yacht with cruiser comforts. Modern interior with nice bar

Falcon 100 - $1,315,000

We are great fans of these Falcons which offer a lot of space and are a simple reliable yacht. This one has very low engine hours for her age and a great engine room

Leopard 105 - $2,750,000

This very sporty model is in great condition with an excellent engine room. Later model with a top speed of 42 knots

Mangusta 105 - $1,100,000

Lovely open styling with a great turn of speed at a very low budget. Refitted in 2011 with just 1500 hours on the engines

San Lorenzo 98 - $1,600,000

Low engine hours, very clean interior with plenty of volume. This 2008 model looks like new and has less than 500 hours on the engines. Very low operating costs

Sunseeker 105 - $2,950,000

Probably the best priced Sunseeker on the market in this size range. Lots of very sporty styling with a very modern colour scheme. One of the most sophisticated 105s every built.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to negotiate a lower price than what the seller is asking for?

Yes.  We typically achieve a 20-30% discount off the asking price for our clients.  We have a detailed understanding of the market which enables us to ensure that our clients do not pay over the market rate.

What are the annual operating costs of a 100ft (30m) yacht?

Operating costs can vary between $75,000 and $500,000 per year depending on where you register and use the yacht.  While some owners with a Captain's license can drive and maintain the yacht alone, most will require at least 1 crew member, typically 2-3 and for a commercially operated yacht in charter this can be as many as 5.

Is it worth putting a yacht into charter?

Some owners wish to use a yacht on a purely private basis while others are keen to lower or even sometimes eliminate the operating costs.  The ability to charter depends on where you would like to operate the yacht, the standard to which it was built and if it is in a recognised "classification" society.  

Our team are able to carry out a pre-purchase assessment to identify if the yacht will be immediately able to charter or if some modifications (usually to do with safety) will be required in order to place the vessel in a commercial registration.

If I buy a yacht how is it delivered to the place I want to use it?

For short to medium distances we would arrange a delivery crew if you don't already have a Captain.  For longer distances (we regularly ship yachts around the world) we would arrange for a specialist shipping company to collect and deliver the yacht to your chosen location.

Is it sensible to upgrade an older yacht?

Yes.  Many of our clients purchase an older yacht that has good exterior styling and the engineering is in good condition.  We then work with the client to bring the yacht up to their desired taste and style which can be from a simple cosmetic upgrade such as furniture and soft furnishings, to a complete interior remodelling including changing the layout and a comprehensive refit.  This work can be done anywhere in the world.

Is flagging and registration complicated?

The honest answer is yes!  At least at the beginning of the process.  It is essential to identify the most appropriate flag and classification depending on where and how you wish to use a yacht.  We identify these issues ahead of the yacht purchase so that we can ensure that your yacht will easily comply with the necessary regulations which once set up, are relatively easy to maintain.

How can I ensure that my yacht is serviced properly and well kept?

We firmly believe that the Captain of the yacht is the "Chief Executive Officer" reporting into you as the owner.  On yachts of this size it is a relatively simple job of carrying out sevicing and maintenance.  However, in some circumstances, it may be appropriate to have Yacht Management in place and this is a service that we can provide to suit your needs.

How do I ensure I have a good crew?

For most of our clients we usually end up recruiting the Captain and any crew as needed.  We are experienced at identifying the right qualifications and skills and also interviewing the candidates to ensure that there is a good fit between the crew and you.

Yacht Purchase Advice

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