on the water, above the water, below the water and at the waters edge...

iconovista turns traditional business models on their heads by working for clients to create iconic experiences.  we do not "push product for sale" bur rather work with a small number of clients to identify and support their luxury lifestyle needs often combing yachting, aircraft, real estate and vacations

on the water

the heart and soul of iconovista has always been yachting and our speciality is to work with clients to create unique yachting experiences whether this be through the purchase of a yacht or charter of one of the many superyachts around the world.  we work with our clients before, during and after a purchase to ensure on-going stress free enjoyment

above the water

our clients often own or charter yachts in remote and beautiful places around the world.  the most effective way to reach he yacht is often by private jet and local helicopter access.  for some clients this means jet ownership can be effective, for others it means regular or occasional jet charter.  some of our yachts carry a helicopter permanently and for some clients an airport to yacht helicopter transfer is the perfect way to start a vacation

near the water

we specialise in finding idylic properties for purchase and rental on or near the water. many clients find the best experience is to have the yacht moored right at their villa, while for others the joy is being in many beautiful locations around the world several times per year. from villas to beach houses we find most luxurious properties to create your iconic experience

under the water

for some clients exploring the underwater world is the greatest experience of all whether this be land based or from the comfort of a yacht. we provide submarines to be carried aboard yachts, submarine holiday experiences and hi-end dive vacations

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