Unique Skeletel Marine Chronometer

This unique skeletel marine chronometer is an investible work of art with exceptional timekeeping functions to adorne any yacht, home or office.

Using the same glass technology as in the Hubble telescope, the chronometer enables the owner to view all of the inner workings in great detail due to the exceptional glass optics.

  • Violet chronometer above available now
  • Using same glass technology as in Hubble telescope
  • Investors / collectors piece with increasing future value
  • Stunning timepiece to be placed in a yacht, home or office
  • 1 of only 5 unique pieces, 1st (Gold) already sold
  • Just 3 further pieces will be made (1 year from order) in different colours


Complete glass unit:

  • Width 23.5cm x depth 23.5cm x height 11.8cm
  • Dial diameter 13.5cm
  • Weight including the glass : 16.5 kg

Dimensions of the wooden sculptural case:

  • 36.5cm x 36.5cm x 27.5cm
  • Weight of the chronometer including the wooden sculptural case: 36 kg 

The Violet Marine Chronometer is immediately available

1st piece - in Gold - already SOLD!

3rd piece - in Blue - 1 year from order