Iconovista works with clients around the world to protect their family, crew and valuable assets.  This ranges from relocating yachts around the world to simple on-board security measures.

Our partner security company is a recognised world leader in providing yacht security services and we provide a bespoke solution for each yacht we work with.

Services include:

  • Yacht Relocation:  providing security teams to assist in transit through key areas of danger e.g. Gulf of Aden
  • Intelligence & Reporting:  providing yacht crews and management with advance geographical based intelligence and information 
  • Security Crew: providing full time trained crew who can operate in a security only role or be a general crew member (e.g. deckhand) with specialist security training
  • Close Protection:  security for you and your family when going ashore and in port
  • Security Audit:  assessing your yacht and recommending improvements to systems, technology and crew
  • Training:  training all crew in a variety of security based skills

To enquire on our secuirty services, simply complete the form below:

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