Solar Powered Yachts From Azura Marine

Iconovista are proud to be the distributor for these unique solar powered yachts from Azura Marine

100% solar powered vessels with no need to have fossil fuel engines onboard.  Unlimited none stop cruising range.  Free to operate and virtually no maintenance with a lifespan of more than 25 years!  Silent operation and no damage to marine animals or ecology.  Very easy to operate with hi-tech tablet control for all systems.  The innovative solar panelled roof also acts as a rainwater collector!  Become a part of the future and be amazed by the solar experience.

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Aquanima 45

4-5 cabin cruising yacht

E-Dive Boat

Silent dive vessel


Plastic waste collection

Aquanima 40

3 cabin exploration yacht


8-45 passenger solar ferry

All of our vessels can be offered as purely solar-electric power only or with hybrid generator-solar power for continuous operation at higher speeds.

We can also offer the yacht versions with a sailing rig and kite for even faster and energy efficient cruising.

Unique Features:

  • Comfort: Silent, vibration-free, smell-free, clean bilges
  • Spaciousness: Large modular deck and vast accommodation layout
  • High efficiency: Ultra-hydrodynamic hull, optimized propellers, cutting-edge solar panels, and e-motors
  • Lightweight displacement: Allows for extra shallow draft
  • Unrestricted & Unlimited Range: Round the clock limitless offshore sailing
  • Reliability: 20,000 hours maintenance-free electric motors
  • Robust: Premium marine grade 6000 series aluminum hulls
  • Operation: Cost-free and highly accessible
  • Maintenance: Minimal – No requirement outside regular hull cleaning
  • Free power generation 24/7, supply power to shore and generate revenue as a power station
  • Ecological: No GHG emissions, no oil leaks, no noise pollution

Solar Power - The Future  

The Azura-Marine solar technology was researched and developed in Singapore.  Our efficient hulls are built in Indonesia from high quality aluminium and finished ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.  

In 2020 we will also open a production facility in Barcelona to enable easy customisation and delivery to European based clients.

Azura Marine is the dream, inspiration and now reality of founder and CEO Julien Melot.  Julien is an experienced naval architect and qualified yacht captain.  He completed his PHD in Solar Technology and since 2012 has been researching and pioneering solar yachting leading to the first solar powered vessel, "Surya Namaskar" - a converted fishing boat which proved the concept (see video at the bottom of this page).  

Combining solar with highly researched and developed efficient hull forms has enabled Azura Marine to build the first solar powered catamaran which will be completed in October 2019.  See video below.

The First Aquanima 40 Solar Explorer - Currently Under Construction

Understand a little more about the Azura Marine philosophy, meet the team and see the first solar explorer catamaran under construction.  This footage was shot in June 2019.  The yacht will be completed by October 2019.

Surya Namaskar - Proving The Concept!

Surya Namaskar was Azura Marine's first vessel in order to prove the concept.  She is a converted fishing boat that is able to cruise none stop, day and night and has been successfully in operation for over 2 years.  Her maiden voyage was a 300+ nautical mile trip around the island of Bali!