Thousands of yachts are relocated around the world every single month.  This can be because the yacht has just been acquired and the new owner wishes to move the yacht near home or where an existing owner wants to explore new cruising grounds.

It is often safer and more economical to have your yacht shipped (and in rare cases moved by land) rather than undertake the journey on its own hull.

Iconvista believes that shipping is something of an art and not a commodity.  

Finding a ship to transport your yacht is easy; finding a reliable, experienced and affordable method is not.  

Many owners have come unstuck by attempting to use cheap transport only to find the ship never shows up or extensive damage occurs during shipping with little or no recourse.

Iconovista provides an independent service to provide the best shipping solution and we guarantee the most competitive pricing.  Our services include:

  • needs assessment for your yacht movement
  • selecting an appropriate shipping partner
  • ensuring appropriate insurance
  • yacht movement to port of loading
  • independent loading survey to protect your interests
  • independent unloading survey to ensure no damage
  • yacht relocation at final destination

Yacht Transport Enquiry